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Moschouta Estate is located in northern Evia in Istiaia, 20km N.E. from the thermal springs of Edipsos, where the sea embraces a verdant landscape. Our lands, with their fig-trees, aromatic herbs and olive trees are situated in a picturesque village at an altitude of 300 meters on Mt. Telethrio, while on the plain of Istiaia we have other such fields with the addition of plum trees, together with the packaging facilities.
We produce figs, olives, quince and plums of excellent quality, both for their flavor and their health benefits. It is with great care, hygiene, and safety measures that we process our products in our workshop and deliver them to the market in high-quality packaging. Most of our estate’s lands are easily accessible to visitors.  

The most captivating time for visitors to experience our orchard is during the harvest season, which spans several months, each offering a unique and delightful experience:

August: This month marks the beginning of the harvest season when our figs are at their peak ripeness. Visitors can savor the delicious taste of freshly ripened figs straight from the tree and witness the initial stages of fig processing in our state-of-the-art facility.

September: As August transitions into September, the orchard comes alive with the vibrant hues of plums. It’s an ideal time for guests to indulge in the juicy plums and observe the meticulous process of harvesting and packing these delectable fruits.

November: As autumn sets in, our olive trees bear their precious fruit. November provides an opportunity for visitors to experience the olive harvest and gain insights into the careful packaging of these olives, a staple in Mediterranean cuisine.

Throughout the year, we offer guests the chance to immerse themselves in various seasonal activities:

February, March, and April: Witness the art of pruning and fertilizing as we prepare our trees for the upcoming growing season.

June: Observe the intriguing process of hanging male figs on female fig trees, a unique practice that fosters pollination and fruit development.

August: Participate in the excitement of the fig harvest, picking the ripest figs to enjoy on the spot or take home.

September and October: Engage in the intricate process of fig processing and packaging, and join us in the simultaneous harvesting and processing of plums.

November and December: Immerse yourself in the olive harvest and the meticulous packaging of these olives, ready to grace your culinary creations.

No matter the time of year, our orchard offers an array of experiences that allow visitors to connect with the rhythm of nature and the rich traditions of fruit cultivation. We look forward to welcoming you to our orchard and sharing these seasonal delights with you.

Tour and Tasting

Guests can savor seasonal products directly from our estate, ensuring a fresh and ever-changing culinary experience.

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Dried figs, fig syrup, pasteli, dried plums, olive oil, olives

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