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Cretan Culinary Workshops: Delving into the Island’s Gastronomy




4 h


Up to 25 persons

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Up to 25 persons

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Nektaria Kokkinaki is a multifaceted culinary ambassador, hailing from the village of Kavousi in Crete. Raised amidst the rich tapestry of Cretan culture, she inherited a deep appreciation for traditional cuisine from her dynamic grandmothers. Combining her passion for preserving authentic recipes with her expertise in olive oil tasting and Mediterranean gastronomy, Nektaria has become a prominent figure in Greek culinary circles. Through her platform, “Cretan Flavors,” she shares not just recipes, but the stories and memories woven into each dish. Her commitment to promoting the Mediterranean Diet has earned her recognition as the first cook in Greece to receive the Mediterranean Diet mark, solidifying her role as an advocate for healthy, sustainable eating. Beyond her digital presence, Nektaria extends her hospitality to visitors at her outdoor space in Kavousi, offering immersive experiences in traditional cooking, olive oil tasting, and local wine appreciation.


At Nektaria Kokkinaki’s culinary retreat in Kavousi, guests are treated to immersive workshops that delve into the essence of Cretan cuisine. Nektaria simplifies the intricacies of Cretan cooking, guiding participants through the process and properties of raw materials. As tools, colors, and aromas fill the space, attendees engage in hands-on learning, crafting traditional dishes step by step. With the menu served, guests gather around the table, indulging in unique flavors and sharing stories, forging connections through food and culture.


Booking Options

  • Vegeterian Tastes (Workshop 1)

    Cretan Salad
    Omelet with Greens
    Choice of:
    Dolmadakia (Greek Stuffed Grapeleaves)
    Gemista (Stuffed Vegetables from Our Garden)
    Zucchini Croquettes
    Skioufixta (Cretan Traditional Pasta) with Cheese
    Beans Cooked with Oil or Subetherio (Mixed Seasonal Vegetables in the Pot)
    Choice of:
    Mini Cheesepies with Honey
    Doughnuts with Honey
    Yogurt with Homemade “Spoon” Sweets
    Refreshments: Water, Raki, Wine, Greek Coffee.

  • Traditional Meat Menu (Workshop 2)

    Cretan salad
    Dolmadakia (Greek stuffed grape leaves) or Gemista (with vegetables from our garden)
    Skioufixta (Cretan traditional pasta) with cheese
    Baked lamb or lamb on vines
    Mini cheesepies with honey or doughnuts with honey or yogurt with homemade spoon sweets
    Water, raki, wine, Greek coffee

  • Traditional Fish Menu (Workshop 3)

    Cretan salad
    Marinated anchovies
    Sardines with vine leaves
    Cuttlefish with ink or squid stuffed with rice and herbs
    Fish with okra or fried fish with fresh tomato sause
    Orange pie with homemade ice cream or pancakes with spoon sweets
    Water, raki, wine, Greek coffee

  • Cretan Breakfrast (Workshop 4)

    Fruit Salad from seasonal fruits, honey and nuts
    Omelette with apaki or omelette with wild greens or eggs with staka
    Cretan cheeses and olives
    Mini cheesepies with honey or doughnuts with honey
    Handmade jams, Cretan honey, homemade spoon sweets
    Orange pie with olive oil
    Fresh handmade hot bread and carob nuts
    Trachana soup
    Rice milk
    Water,fresh orange juice, goat milk, Cretan herbs, Greek coffee, carob coffee

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    Important Notice

    1. Guests must report food allergies or dietary restrictions in a timely manner 2. After the end of the event, the participants will receive a Cerfificate of Attendance for the Cretan Cuisine course

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