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Nikolou Winery located in the heart of Koropi, 10 km from Athens Airport, is a classical architectural style building of the region, with stone walls and large stone arches, bringing to mind the family’s past and its long winemaking traditions.
The winery has been operating since 1872, engaged in producing retsina.
The need to modernize the winery’s facilities according to modern winemaking requirements became pressing and, beginning 1991, the old and outdated winemaking equipment was gradually replaced by modern, along with new stainless-steel temperature-controlled tanks.
On this new basis, along with the knowledge and experience gained through all these years, Savatiano, the traditional grape variety of Mesogeia, was vinified by controlled fermentation for the first time and consequently revealed its aromatic and flavorful potential, hidden all these years.
It is worth tasting the retsina, as well as a local and traditional sweet wine called “Nama” produced by concentrating the must through heating, and a special original sparkling retsina based on the traditional method of fermentation inside the bottle.
Furthermore, educational and learning events are organized for students interested in enology, as well as wine tasting sessions.


Visitors can see the production premises and the cellar with a parallel briefing and a video projection with the history of the winery since 1875.
In the winery’s showroom they can purchase our wines and taste our wines taking different suggested tasting sessions that we recommend.

Booking Options

Standard Tour and Tasting

Tour and the tasting of 2 dry white wines, 1 rosé 1 red and a sweet wine (Nama).
Minimun Charge: €43.00

Premium Tour and Tasting

Tour and the tasting of a sparkling wine, a dry white, 1 rosé, 1 red and 1 sweet wine (Nama).
Minimun Charge: €60.00

Savatiano Panorama Tour and Tasting

Tour and the tasting of 6 wines, a panorama of the Savatiano grape variety, including 1 sparkling wine and 1 sweet wine as well as 4 other different types, regarding the kind of aging.
Minimun Charge: €80.00


• Gold award for sparkling Botanic, TEXSOM wine awards
• Best winery in Europe 2018″ from CEUCO, 16th Gastronomy and Wine Congress, Athens

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