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The Mystakellis dairy company’s tradition began in 1962 on the Island of Lesbos, at the old dairy plant of Stratis Mystakellis, in Mandamados, 35 km north of Mytilene town, which his son Yiannis expanded and modernized in 2015 using the 30-year experience of the old cheesemaker and knowledge of the same personnel, which for years and through constant improvements, has been offering to consumers the consistent quality of Mystakellis products.
The countryside of the blessed land of Lesvos, the mild Mediterranean climate, the rich pesticide-free flora made up of diverse plants and herbs, the endless sunshine, the saltiness of its sea, the free-range sheep and goats of a special breed of Lesvos in the Mandamados region, provides a premium quality milk with unique aromas and taste characteristics.
Traditional recipes, cheese-making secrets and techniques dating many centuries back have been passed down from generation to generation to combine with modern technology and yield unique cheeses such as the ladotiri of Mytilene P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin), as well as many others. The annual production of “Mystakellis” cheese-dairy is close to 250 tons of soft and hard cheeses and is thus registered as a small traditional cheese-dairy unit. The company operates under the HACCP system and is certified per FSSC 22000, while its P.D.O. products are certified by Agrocert and its organic products are TÜV certified.


The visitor has the opportunity to witness the production process, tour the dairy and taste some of its products.


• Silver medal for the ladotiri P.D.O. Mytilini, Olymp Awards
• Silver medal for the graviera Mytilini, Olymp Awards 


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Feta, ladotiri, graviera, traditional sheep yogurt, mizithra, anthotiro, butter
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From €3.00 / per Adult

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