Gripioti Farm



~ 1h

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Up to 50 persons

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Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec


Up to 50 persons


Gripioti Farm, covering a hectare, is located at the village of St. George in the region of Kalogiros, with a view of Chalkidiki, and close to the small church of St. John, where some scenes of the movie Mama Mia were filmed.
The farm produces organic dried black Skopelos plums or “sweet mirabelles”, as they are called in Skopelos, and organic dried sour Skopelos plums or “sour mirabelles”.


Thanassis Gripiotis highlights that his aim for the visitors who come to the farm, is to see the trees and the ovens-dryers, and to experience the production process up through the final product, welcoming everyone with homemade sweets based on plums.
A tasting concludes the visit.


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Dried organic Skopelos black prunes, dried organic Skopelos sour prunes, spoon sweet from organic plums of the “avgato” variety of Skopelos, jams from organic plums of Skopelos, distillate from organic plums of Skopelos, liqueurs from organic plums of Skopelos
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Greek, English, French, Italian, Dutch, German
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