Agrotouristic Women’s Cooperative of Mesotopos Lesbos

Aegean Islands


~ 1h 30m

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Not provided

Guided Tour

Up to 50 persons

Active Months

Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec


Up to 50 persons


Twenty-five women from Mesotopos – Lesbos joined forces in 1998, and, using traditional recipes, they started bringing flavors of old to life, thus providing the public with forgotten tastes with a variety of products and local dishes.
The continuous effort and devotion of our members have turned our cooperative into a large, healthy business, housed in a beautiful 850 square meter building that includes certified cooking premises, a showroom for local products, offices, educational facilities, an event hall, and a parking lot.
Our cooperative is a unique gastronomic and cultural center in southwest Lesvos and is worth visiting for the hospitality and culinary experiences that unite people, bridging the past and the future.


Booking Options

  • Make, hands-on your pasta - tasting - Guided tour

    Visitors participate, hands-on, and learn hands-on in making traditional pasta, like vermicelli and noodles. They knead the dough with milk and yellow flour and distributed it to each member of the group. The group is then taught how to knead on large trays. Finally, they will tour the premises.

  • Make, hands-on sesame pasteli- tasting - Guided tour

    Visitors participate, hands-on, and learn how to make, hands-on, sesame pasteli, have a tasting session, and are guided on the premises.

  • Make, hands-on your amygdalota - tasting - Guided tour

    Visitors participate, hands-on, and learn how to make and the packaging process of air-dried amygdalota, a mix of almonds, icing sugar, anthonero and vanilla. We grind the almonds and mix materials in the correct proportions until we get a homogeneous dough. We then distribute the dough to the visitors to mold it into different shapes. Finally, we sprinkle the amygdalota with icing sugar and pack. Finally, they will tour the premises.


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Spoon sweets, marmalades, liqueurs, pasta, pan-baked sweets, bakery and baked goods, pasteli, trahana
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