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Tinos, Volakas, Festival at Panagia Kalaman

April 28

church of at Panagia Kalaman at Tinos, Volakas, Greece that commemorate festival of her birth surrounded by trees

Volakas, otherwise known as Volax, is a medieval Catholic village. Built at an altitude of 284 meters on a small plateau in the center of the island of Tinos, it is surrounded by huge granite boulders. The lunar landscape of the village is unique. The question of how these rocks originated has intrigued both the locals and science. Regardless of how these massive, rounded, often zoomorphic rocks were created, they offer an impressive and imposing spectacle unlike any you have seen. During the Easter holidays, climbers from all over the world arrive to engage in “bouldering” (climbing without ropes) these rocks. Between these granite volumes, a verdant settlement with narrow alleys, bougainvillea, and countless colourful flowers has been built where villagers are renowned for their skill at basket-making, and visitors have the opportunity to witness them at work.

spherical rocks in nature on the dry grass at Tinos, Volakas

spherical rock in nature and tree at Tinos, Volakas surrounded by others small rocks

A great Catholic festival takes place at Panagia Kalaman on Easter Thursday, where the ‘maranda’ is celebrated with lamb on the spit and wine. Preparations are completed on the night before with the traditional dinner. Early in the morning, the fire is lit and everyone contributes to making sure that everything is in perfect order for celebrating the Maranda together!

Tinos traditional dishes are artichokes cooked in a variety of ways, sun-dried tomatoes with batter, froutalia, savore with molasses, fried fish with petimezi sauce, pork sausages, the saltsisi, and the louza of Tinos. Cheeses include the famed graviera and the kopanisti. As for sweets, famous are the amygdalota, xerotigana, karidota, pasteli, loukoumi, and various kinds of halva as well as the renowned thyme honey of Tinos. The festival sometimes culminates in the main square with balo and syrto dances to the sounds of musicians playing instruments based on the violin.

Photo: volax.gr


April 28


Festival at Panagia Kalaman
Volax, Aegean Islands Greece

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