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Tinos, Agapi, Festival of Saint Agapitos

August 18

Church of Saint Agapitos (Agios Agapitos) on the hill and surrounded by houses, commemorate festival of her birth at Tinos, Agapi, Greece

Agapi is one of the oldest villages on the island of Tinos. It is built amphitheatrically on a mountain slope and is surrounded by lush ravines. A delightful stream runs through the village, its bed comprising green Tinos marble. The small valley it runs through is occupied by numerous small chapels and dovecotes. The village’s architecture is of particular interest, the houses displaying traditional elements. It has labyrinthian lanes and characteristic archways, natural springs, wells and a particular spring serving in the old times for laundry.

Among its notable sites is the church of Saint Agapitos (Agios Agapitos). On August 18th, a large festival takes place. It lasts all night, with musical performances and culinary treats. Tinos traditional dishes are artichokes cooked in a variety of ways, sun-dried tomatoes with batter, froutalia, savore with molasses, fried fish with petimezi sauce, pork sausages, the saltsisi, and the louza of Tinos. Cheeses include the famed graviera and the kopanisti. As for sweets, famous are the amygdalota, xerotigana, karidota, pasteli, loukoumi, and various kinds of halva as well as the renowned thyme honey of Tinos.

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August 18


Festival of Saint Agapitos (Agios Agapitos)
Tinos, Agapi
Tinos, Agapi, Aegean Islands Greece
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