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Koufeto of Milos

Koufeto, a sweet from Milos, features pumpkin, sugar, honey, almonds, and lemon juice, symbolizing joy and fertility, often served at weddings.

close-up of plate with Greek ‘koufeto of Milos’

Koufeto means sugarplum.

The koufeto of Milos is a traditional sweet, a spoon sweet, with pumpkin, sugar, honey, almonds and lemon juice. On the island of Milos, the mother of the bride offers it as a treat at weddings and engagements. Honey symbolizes the sweet life of the couple, while almonds symbolize fertility.

close-up of Greek ‘koufeto of Milos’, a spoon sweet, with pumpkin, sugar, honey, almonds and lemon juice

It is given out on Milos on joyful occasions at all times of the year, as well as a way to welcome visitors. In tavernas, it is offered as a dessert along with yogurt. No visitor to the island leaves without taking along at least one jar of this sweet as a souvenir. At weddings, this sweet is put in small bowls and offered to the guests. A similar kind of koufeto is made on the island of Santorini, except that the pumpkin is cut intο cubes, while in Milos it is sliced into sticks.

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