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Galotiri: PDO cheese from Greece, soft and creamy, a blend of yogurt’s nutrition and cheese’s rich flavor. Versatile for various dishes.

Close-up of bowl with Greek ‘Galotiri’ means fresh cream cheese

Galotiri is a cheese produced in the region of mount Pelion, in the prefecture of Magnesia, but also in Epirus and  Thessaly, and bears a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).  It is prepared from very fatty sheep’s or goat’s milk or from a mixture of both collected from the animal 4 to 5 months after it has given birth. It combines the nutritional properties of yogurt with the rich taste of cheese. It is a soft, white table cheese with a creamy texture, a refreshing sour taste, and matures in buckets or containers with the addition of milk.

It crumbles easily and you can enjoy it every hour of the day as an accompaniment to meat, warm bread, salad, or soup. You can use it to stuff tomatoes, Florina peppers or cucumbers or together with fried vegetables but also on barley paximadi with chopped tomatoes and capers.

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