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Macedonian Thrace Brewery was founded in 1996, in the Industrial Area of Komotini, 10 km east of Komotini.
However, it was actually born many years ago as the fruit of its founder’s love for Greece. The fermentation for creating VERGINA beer first began in the soul of Demetri Politopoulos, who decided to invest in his home country all his knowledge, creativity, enthusiasm and passion, because, as a citizen of the world, he could not accept that a country like Greece had not its own beer identity.
Today, Macedonian Thrace Brewery has one of the most modern brewing facilities worldwide. The phrase of our founder, Demetri Politopoulos, “when something is born, it starts out small and grows with love” is our guiding principle. We remain committed to “growing with love” and honoring our devoted friends who choose our beers, by reinvesting our profits in the very best brewing and quality control equipment available, creating new jobs and supporting our local and national economy. Simultaneously, we add value to the products of Greek land and shape Greek beer culture for our country.
Our desire to be self-sufficient, while being able to control the supply and quality of our basic raw material were the primary reasons, which led us to establish our very own Malting Plant.
Phase one of our state-of-the-art Malting Plant was completed in 2014, while Phase Two which doubled our production capacity, was completed in 2017. Greece’s first Greek owned malting facility and one of the world’s most technologically advanced, supplies our Thracian Malt to dozens of independent breweries throughout Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean.


Our visitors Center built in 2017, is the starting point of all our Brewery’s tours. You will learn everything about the history of Macedonian Thrace Brewery, experience the entire brewing process, taste the special Thracian malts we use for the production of the Vergina beer and, of course, try some of our award-winning beers right at the source.

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