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Up to 8 persons


Rizes (‘roots’) Greek Delicatessen was born of great love. Love for delicious Greek foods, made with the finest raw materials.
The name was not chosen by chance. It signifies the notion of return in two ways. The return to the roots of the Greek land, to our agricultural wealth, to the excellent quality and flavors of Greek agricultural products. The return to the roots of Greek cuisine, the pillar of the Mediterranean nutrition.
For us, a traditional product is that which is produced with respect for the traditional recipe or is inspired by it with a more personal or modern approach and without the use of mechanical means, but made by hand from high quality raw materials and, first and foremost, without the use of artificial additives or preservatives. This is for us the very meaning of Greek delicatessen cuisine.
We are a cottage industry of Greek delicatessen products located in Krokos village, 5 km from Kozani. A workshop where we cook with joy, personal care and excitement with 100% natural products, utilizing traditional recipes and respecting the standards of quality in the Greek Mediterranean diet.


The visitor of the Rizes Greek Delicatessen artisan food company will be guided through the premises of the workshop and will learn about the methods and processes of making conventional and organic jams without the addition of sugar or pectin, as well as the methods and the processes of making the sweet red pepper spreads using Florina peppers and based on traditional regional recipes.
During the tour, the visitor will be able to taste-test our products.


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Florina peppers‘ spread, 100% fruit spread no added sugar no pectin, 100% organic fruit spread no added sugar no pectin
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