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Dimitris and Vasilis Chalkias were among the first Greeks to engage in producing the famous tea of Mount Olympus. Overcoming many obstacles, they managed to produce it using traditional and natural methods, cultivating the tea plants of Olympus Sideritis Scardica at an altitude of 1,000m on the mountain’s southern face, not far from Litochoro.
This unique variety, among other qualities, has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties. According to the latest German university research, mountain tea can act to counter Alzheimer’s disease. The heavy demand for this tea is due not just to its pharmaceutical properties, but also to its unique aroma.
We chose to cultivate plants that grow exclusively on Mount Olympus, using seeds from the mountain region itself. We harvest the plants carefully by hand and dry the tea using traditional methods. We do not use any industrial production methods, but traditional ones instead, a practice reflected in the quality of the tea.


On your tour of the fields, you will see plants cultivated in a completely natural way, with no need for an irrigation system. Due to the way our plants are cultivated, the quantities produced are not consistent, but what we lack in quantity is made up for by quality. You will visit our large storage area, which has minimal sunlight, dust-free air, and huge nets for spreading out the herb. Depending on conditions and the type of plant it comes from, about 15-20 days are needed for the tea to be ready for the market.


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Olympus tea or mountain tea (Sideritis scardica), oregano, thyme
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From €10.00 / per Adult

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