Olive Harvest at Goumas Estate – Art & Wine

Ionian Islands


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A venue doubly creative, Art & Wine is located at Trilagada on the Greek island of Zakynthos near the mountainous settlement of Maries in the island’s northwest. Two different but connected creative worlds cohabit at the estate: an icon painting workshop and a boutique winery. Both reflect the hard work, passion, and life of the Giatras-Goumas family within the walls of a traditional, fully-refurbished dwelling made of stone from the Zakynthian countryside.
We offer fine Greek wine made using age-old methods, but certified by modern ones. In our winery, you will not find the usual commercial products, but instead exclusive varieties connected to the history and culture of the Ionian Islands: rare, red Avgoustiatis and lively, golden Robola.
Not far from our winery lies another world: religious paintings and artistic creations depicting biblical themes that come from the hands of Giannis Giatras himself. The creations of the workshop complement with reverence the offerings of nature, bringing together the fruits of the land and the fruits of art. Art & Wine is no ordinary place to visit.
Our boutique winery and fields exhibit daily labor, a family dwelling, a place of inspiration, and a personal story infused with the flavors of wine and the divine colors of art.
Goumas Estate – Boutique Art & Wine promises bliss and tranquility, only a few kilometers from the picturesque settlement of Maries. Come to our country home and workshop and try selected wines along with homemade treats.
Enjoy a tour through the estate and vineyard conducted by the Giatras family, navigate its cobblestone paths, taste extraordinary wine and contemplate hand-painted icons and frescos.
A warm welcome awaits all our guests: those who simply want to know more about wine production and icon painting, as well as those who also wish to purchase from our collection of wines or our artist workshop.


Visitors are invited to join us in the olive harvest and work during the harvest season so as to experience it.


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