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It was in 1990 when we decided to deal professionally with what had always been a precious and most joyful activity to us: the production and export of grapes from our land close to Zevgolatio, 15 km west of Corinth, in the Peloponnese. The establishment of “Oinodos Wines” and the production of wine was the consequent evolution of all the above over the course of time.
We began by setting a very important goal – to produce wines that will be distinguished for their quality and freshness. To achieve this, we pay all of our attention to the selection of excellent grapes, application of the most modern scientific methods and techniques of winemaking and to the careful distribution of the products so our wines that reach your hands preserve all these characteristics which make them both a unique and a pleasant companion to every private and social moment of your life.


Visitors to our winery, a modern industrial facility, will benefit from a detailed tour to explore and understand the different stages of the winemaking process, enjoy a tasting session of the wines produced, and make their purchases from the retail shop.


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