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”Oilympian Koufolias – Olive Oil Mill”, was established in 1970 and is run today by the 3rd generation of the Koufolias family.
The facilities are located in Makrisia, a village in the Olympia province, five kilometers from the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia. ”Koufolias Olive Oil Mill” produce extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) with great experience and knowledge in olive oil making accumulated over 50 years.
Maintaining the same passion and love, the family continues the agricultural tradition focusing to develop new alternative ways in the production of the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil.


Oilympian Koufolias – Olive Oil Mill” is open to the public all year long. Visitors can also see an open-air museum, with 100 years of history.
In the modern facilities, visitors will see the olive oil processing machinery and olive oil production, described by our experts. Additionally, they will see a video showing the production process. They will taste our organic P.G.I. Olympia Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), as well as olives, infused in EVOO with rosemary, garlic, or lemon accompanied by fresh homemade bread in the middle of our olive grove with the famous Koroneiki olive trees variety.
They will also learn all the secrets of the green gold of Greece, how to recognize the fresh extra virgin olive oil and Greek olive varieties as well as the ways to properly store them and choose the best olive oil for every use.
Finally, before leaving visitors can make their purchases from our retail store.



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Extra virgin olive oil, aromatized and infused olive oil
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