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Up to 50 persons


Ktima Perek is located in Monopigado, Halkidiki, Macedonia, 30 kilometres South of Thessaloniki, overlooking Mt. Olympus and Thermaikos Gulf, a mountainous village inhabited by many refugees from Pontus (a region of Turkey at the coast by the Black Sea, where a Greek minority used to live there from ancient times which was driven out by the Turkish regime in the 1920s).
Ktima Perek is a multi-functional venue, with a restaurant, a café, a vegetable garden, an animal farm, and playgrounds for children created with the desire to revive hometown memories through authentic flavors and aromas. Built according to the architectural style and aesthetics of a Greek mansion, it is garnished with works of art and objects of our folk tradition.
The ingredients for the dishes produced on the estate come from local producers, they are processed in the estate workshop using handmade traditional techniques and cooked with traditional baking methods in clay pots in the wood-fired oven.
You can try this traditional cuisine in a verdant garden during summer, or next to the fireplace in winter.
Every meal is a delightful journey!


Visitors can see how the raw material travels from the field to the plate, the vegetable and herb gardens, our freely-roaming animals which we breed, piglets, hens, and more.
Next, in the showroom of the workshop, located at the restaurant, one can see traditional handmade products of the Pontian diet as well as of the Greek tradition, and be informed about their characteristics and values.
Finally, visitors can taste the traditional perek pie along with an accompanying drink.


TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award, category restaurants 

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Perek, traditional handmade pasta: siron, makarina, trahana, hilopites
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