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Up to 50 persons


Golemis Estate is located in the shadow of the Taygetos Mountain, famed for its wide variety of flora and fauna, just 11 km from the town of Sparta, in the village of Paleopanaghia.
The Golemis brothers’ organic farm is a special, distinctive case. It is not by accident that this farm has received awards, recognition, and publicity. It is a 100% organic farm model of 25 Ha, the lifework of the two connoisseurs, the brοthersTassos and Christos Golemis.
The brothers cultivate seasonal vegetables, citrus trees and olive trees, while they bottle and commercialize their own olive oil. Ιn addition, “Golemis Estate ” breeds free-range chickens for egg production. The Golemis Estate is a triumph of the harmonious co-operation between nature and humans.


During the tour, visitors will be able to learn about organic cultivation and how its products are connected to living a healthy life. They will learn about how crops are cultivated organically, and about horticultural and tree plantations from planting to harvest. Within this natural green natural environment, they will encounter numerous animal species and see an egg-production unit.


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Extra virgin olive oil, olives, citrus, vegetables, strawberries, eggs, spreads, juices free sugar
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