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Our winery, located 25km SE of Karditsa, offers a magical combination of flavors, scents, and beautiful music next to the 12 Ha vineyard where nature creates all the magic.
The guiding principle of the people who designed the winery was respect for local tradition. In line with this principle, the image of a heron adorns the building. Connecting the winery to the past, the heron signifies the place’s long history, reminding us of the ancient Panthessalian sanctuary of Itonia Athena (Minerva), which was worshipped from prehistoric times in the grove beside the banks of the river Kouralios (today known as Sophaditis) in the shadow of the Agrafa mountains.
At the same time, the design of the winery took into consideration the technological needs of our time. That is why the winery is housed in a modern, energy-independent building. The winery’s premises include the cellars where our wines mature and age in wooden barrels, a wine tasting space where wine lovers can taste our products, a reception area which promotes the cultural heritage of the region and hosts the wine-lovers who wish to tour the vineyard and to relax while enjoying a good glass of wine with their friends.
The philosophy of Filia Land is to produce and promote especially the Thessalian and Greek varieties and offer flavor with high-quality wines to the Greek and international market. Despite that fact, foreign varieties which have been tested over time were not excluded from the cultivation, since they have been adapted to our land, and can yield high-quality wines.
It is with passion, knowledge, and respect for the consumer that Filia Land visions to continue to grow and thus offer quality wines of unique features highlighting the special characteristics of the soil and the climate of the area.


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