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Surrounded by the mountains of Falakro, Menikio, and Pangaio, our land lies in the township of Adriani in Greece’s northern region of Drama.
Archeological research has shown that hallowed land has inspired the art of viticulture since the Neolithic times. Not coincidentally, the powerful ancient Thracian peoples of Idones (as the region was called in antiquity), making it one of the most important centers for the worship of the wine-god Dionysos (also known as Bacchus). Today the traditions of this famed land are kept alive and enriched by the Kostas Lazaridis Estate.
The total area covers almost 13,000 sqm and includes an architecturally exemplary winery, a distillery, underground aging cellars, and reception areas. This estate is the life work of Costas Lazaridis, who has been writing a new chapter in the history of our country’s wine-making tradition since 1992.


The guided tour begins with a historical retrospective of the wine in Drama. It continues at the space where red wines age in oak barrels and the beautifully designed aging cellar for the flagship wine of the winery, the Amethystos CAVA. A visit then follows to a specially designed walkway displaying marble statues, exact copies of those in Greece’s museums, and the tour climaxes in the Margarita tasting room wherein a sacramental environment, we reveal the hidden treasures of the estate, the collectible, hand-painted magnums, as well as the mystery that hides beneath the marble table.
A tasting session follows, based on the tasting option of your choice.
*You can purchase all of our products at preferential prices.
**The tasting sessions are usually accompanied by breadsticks, between the wines, and by Greek cheese.


Booking Options

  • Tour

    • The guided tour begins with a historical retrospective of the wine in Drama. It continues at the Amethystos CAVA and to the Margarita tasting room.

  • Tour and Tasting of two wines

    • Tour • Tasting of two wines: Amethystos white and Chateau Julia Merlot red

  • Tour and Tasting of four wines

    • Tour • Tasting of four wines: Amethystos white, Domaine Costa Lazaridi rose, Chateau Julia Merlot and Oenotria Land Cabernet Sauvignon Agiorgitiko.


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