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Culture is born wherever the climate favors vines to grow.
Vineyards have always been in the Bairaktaris family tradition. Passed down from one generation to the next, each generation has learned to care for the land and its fruits with unconditional love and affection.
In 2005, however, Christos Bairaktaris decided to make another step of his family tradition by founding Domaine Bairaktaris, a family winery business using grapes from its own vineyards rooted in the plain of Nemea, a wonderful ecosystem and microclimate, which combined with the fertile clay soil, produces the famous PDO wines of Nemea.
The philosophy of Domaine Bairaktaris is based on the natural cultivation of the vineyards and the high quality of the grapes, prerequisites to the production of high-quality wines. We follow natural methods, for both white and red varieties, without additives so that our wines have richer grape aromas and longer shelf life.
Domaine Bairaktaris is located in Nemea, Greece’s largest wine-producing zone, where one of the most important Greek red varieties, Agiorgitiko thrives, producing wines having the dynamic and ability to age through the years.
Our philosophy is to produce wines that express the authentic, unaltered character of the region.


Touring our modern winery, surrounded by the famous vineyard of Agiorgitiko, visitors will be able to see the reception area, the production area, and the wine cellar.
The reception area includes a tasting room that can accommodate up to 50 people and a retail shop where visitors can buy their favorite wines. The production facilities have state-of-the-art technological equipment, making use of all modern winemaking methods so that each grape variety can give its best character, while the wine cellar is maintained at a stable temperature and humidity to give the best conditions to the wines to age in oak barrels, amphorae or in bottles.
Recognizing the rich history and quality of Nemean wines, Domaine Bairaktaris invests in the concept that considers wine as a cultural product and is open to wine lovers by further contributing to their wine education.
Visit us to learn the secrets of the wine production of the wines of Nemea by taking a guided tour with our specialized staff explaining the winemaking, the bottling and the ageing processes step by step.


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