Bekas Family Farm

Thessaloniki - Sindos,


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Up to 60 persons


Bekas buffalo farm provides ideal living conditions for Greek water-buffalo on the slopes of Mount Beles, by the river Strimonas and Lake Kerkini. The herds enjoy the beneficial qualities of the unique wetland and idyllic location while at the same time buffalos grow under the best of natural conditions by grazing freely on the beautiful green landscape, and produce high-quality buffalo milk and other products based on the buffalo milk, all with important nutritional value and delicious flavor.
Our love and respect for buffalos led us to establish the current company in 2007, outside Sindos, 15km West of Thessaloniki, to process buffalo milk and produce dairy products making good use of the Bekas family tradition in this field to guarantee exceptional results.


Visitors have the opportunity to witness the cheese, ice cream, and various other dairy products production process as well as to tour the buffalo farm.


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Food products from buffalo milk: dairy products, cheeses, burrata bufala, ice cream, deserts
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