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Alpha Estate S.A. located in the area of Amyndaeo, in the prefecture of Florina was founded in 1997 by the experienced viticulturist Makis Mavridis and the chemist-oenologist Angelos Iatridis, who, after being active in many regions of Greece, chose Amyntaio as the place to establish their own winery.
Alpha Estate’s winery lies next to the estate’s privately-owned vineyard, enabling the grape crop to reach the winery in the shortest possible time while refrigeration and transport during the coolest hours of the day, demonstrates the firm respect for the protection of the organoleptic characteristics of the wines produced.
The winery was planned in a way to use gravity, so as to avoid the use of pumps as much as possible, that burden the grapes and must during the winemaking process. The materials used to construct the winery are inert to ensure a totally neutral environment within winery, thereby protecting the quality of the grape, the must and the wine.
The management of the winery is simplified by the implementation and operation of a building management system for the winemaking process and for the equipment and mechanical operations both within and outside the winery. The correct operation of much of the basic equipment is controlled through the use of installed modems.
The winemaking equipment conforms to the winemaker’s philosophy of absolute respect for the ecosystem, the viticulturist and the wine-lover.


• Guided tours of Alpha estate’s private vineyard depend on the weather.
• Guided tours to visitors through the winery’s premises are conducted, following the course of the production process up to the final stage to the underground aging cellars of the wine in barrels and bottles.
• A tasting session of our wines concludes the visit.

Booking Options

Tour and tasting of three wines

Winery/vineyard tour and tasting of three wines.

Tour and tasting of five wines

Winery/vineyard tour and tasting of five wines.


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