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Katsiki kapama

Katsiki kapama is a Patmos island delicacy, a goat dish slow-cooked with tomato, celery, and fennel seed, traditionally served at celebrations.

Katsiki kapama

Katsiki kapama meansgoat kapama”.

On the island of Patmos, katsiki kapama is often found on the holiday table in tomato sauce along with thick-cut fried potatoes and cinnamon sticks. “Kapama” is the term for food cooked over a low heat, in a covered pot, whose ingredients are cut into small pieces. This is how beef, goat or lamb meat is usually cooked, while at the Ionian Islands, octopus is also cooked kapama style. Tomato, celery and fennel seed make this recipe special. At weddings and celebrations, goat kapama is a traditional dish, served with thick macaroni and lots of grated local cheese.

The tradition of making this dish is thought to have started around 1800. It is made from goat or lamb meat cut into pieces and together with tomato paste, parsley, mint, salt and pepper, baked in an oven and served hot.


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