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Ivristo: Pontus cuisine specialty, thin pasta sheets baked over wood fire, later soaked and served with butter, cheese, or sweet toppings.

Close-up of uncooked Greek ‘Ivristo’ like lasagna

Ivristo is a traditional dish of the Pontus (a region of the Turkish Eastern Black Sea coast) that can be consumed as a snack. It is also known as ivristo or evristen. It is part of the Pontus cuisine and can be prepared easily and quickly. It is made with high-grade flour, salt and water and is among the most delicious of pasta.

The dough is prepared in thin, rounded pastry-sheets, called yiofhades, baked on a metal utensil called “sats” over a wood fire, giving it a special flavor. Then it is cut into thin strips with a large knife and put into an oven in a baking dish. Once it is completely dry, the process is finished. The dried pasta can be stored like any other pasta for later use in cooking.

To cook the ivristo, soak them for about five minutes in salted hot water. Then strain them and pour hot butter or olive oil over them. They can be served with yogurt or cheese or even with sugar along with cinnamon or walnuts and hazelnuts.

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