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Noctua is the name of the brewery established in the summer of 2016, referring to the commonly known as the “little owl” or Athena Noctua, the symbol of Athens, and is located just a few steps from Gazi district in central Athens, just 2 km from Omonia Square.
The mission of Noctua Brewery is to produce flavorful craft beers, distinctly different from the typical commercially-known brands, beers aspiring to participate in the global craft-beer revolution currently in progress.
In Noctua we believe that there is no person who does not like beer, only some who have yet to discover what suits them. Our goal is to help them find it.


• Have you ever been to a brewery?
• Do you know how beer is produced?
• Do you want to savor the beverages of the only micro-brewery in town?
We await your visit to our brewery in downtown Athens to tour you on our premises and give you the answers to the above questions, as well as any others you may have.


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