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Athens Morning Stroll: A Tasty Exploration of Hidden Delights



Guided Tour

Overnight Stay

Up to persons

Active Months


This is a rich gastronomic journey which consists of multiple culinary stations. We stroll through some of the non touristic areas of the city, exploring hidden or lesser-known food spots that locals love. Street food is dominant here and a highlight of this adventure .One of the highlights of the tour includes visiting the Municipal Market where you will be informed about its evolution over the years and will taste local products & also the first pastry shop in town which was established after Greek independence. Here, we will have the pleasure of tasting the traditional Greek-style doughnuts. Additionally, we will explore one of the best stores for olives and olive oil in Athens. With a wide variety of olives available, we’ll have the opportunity to sample most of them while learning about olive harvesting methods and identifying the highest quality options.

At each stop, we will share the background story of the product or meal, highlighting its significant role in our cuisine throughout history. Along the way, you can expect interesting and amusing anecdotes that add to the experience. Throughout this journey we will always highlight the nutritional aspect of the Mediterranean diet as a very strong element of the overall well being as ancient greeks used to believe. 

Last but not least this food tour is an interactive journey where participants will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, talk about things they love and above all food. A welcoming and inclusive energy is always of our basic goals in order to make this experience attractive for everyone. Small gifts are given to our guests at the end of the tour!



  • Joyful moods & engaging conversations

  • Multiple stops food & tastings

  • Street food, traditional Greek sweets and more

  • Visit an authentic Greek herbs and spices shop

  • Explore hidden spots and stories around food culture and the city

  • Included

  • All tastings included in price

  • Location


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