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The Agricultural Cooperative produces apples of high quality, tested and certified with the qualification of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). This distinction certifies that the Zagorin apple is a product of high quality. By using the “Integrated Production” method the Zagorin apple is clean, healthy, tested and this is why consumers in Greece and all around the world trust it.
It was in 1916 when 199 citizens of Zagora founded the Agricultural Cooperative of Zagora, located on mount Pelion, 45 km N.E. of Volos, and operating continuously for more than a century since then as Greece’s first agricultural cooperative.
The Cooperative currently has approximately 800 members, representing 99% of all the cultivators from the villages Zagora, Pouri and Makrirahi in the Pelion region.


Visitors can observe the process of selection, packing, and quality testing of the apples during the apple-harvesting season, learn how to recognize different apple varieties and watch how the apples are transported from the farmers to the packing plant.


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