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Vergina Beer



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The ‘Makedonia Thraki’ Brewery was founded in 1998, the inspiration behind it having originated many years earlier in the founders’ love for Greece.
Today, the ‘Makedonia Thraki’ Brewery is one of the most modern brewing facilities in Europe.
The idea to produce Vergina beer, and the brewing company making it, came from Dimitris Politopoulos when he decided to invest all his knowledge, experience, creativity, and his possessions in his home country. He found it unacceptable that Greece did not have its own identity in the world of beer. In the mid-1990s, Greece did not have a single fully-Greek beer, but was limited to producing the foreign brands of the industry’s multinational giants. His goal was to create a 100% authentic Greek beer by a company of Greek interests based in Greece and made with Greek raw materials, a dream which has been achieved to the maximum with the verticalization of production and the creation of Thracian malt.
Thracian malt is the soul of Vergina beer, as it gives the characteristic body and special taste of our beers.
And best of all? It is a superb beer, recognized as ranking among the world’s best lagers!

In the center of the town of Komotini, the tour of the brewery’s new facilities, created especially for visitors, provides an outstanding experience. You will learn everything about the history of the Makedonia Thraki Brewery, experience the entire brewing process, taste the special Thracian malts we use for the production of the Vergina beer and, of course, try some of our award-winning beers right at the source.

Minimum participation: 6 persons

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