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“Vasaki” company was founded in 1970 and through difficult and dedicated efforts of the early years the company has become one of the most powerful and well established confectioneries in Serres prefecture.
Today it still continues to fulfill the vision that brought it to life while at the same time, it continues to progress in consonance with the rhythms and needs of today following our philosophy, which is to fuse tradition and technology with quality at every step.
There are numerous reasons to visit our production unit. We are a modern company with traditional products aiming to combine tradition with our passion for what we do.
We produce confectionery products such as sweets, ice cream, treats, and koulouraki. We have also developed a large variety of flavors of loukoumi, kourabie and, of course, the traditional akanes of Serres, a unique sweet made exclusively in our region.
Come to let us offer you a treat and enjoy the hospitality of Serres.


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Akanes Serron, loukoumi, kourabie, baklava, pastry goods, confectionery, ice cream
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