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“Perivolaki” is a multifunctional farm capable of sustaining a large group of people without them having to go outside its gates. There you will get in contact with animal, vegetable, and poultry production, a cottage industry, a dairy unit, olive groves, vineyards, grain, fruit and vegetables, and lots of creative activities.


Enjoy moments of unique relaxation as well as of learning, in a place designed specifically for visits both for schools or private visitors. Bring friends and family and learn everything you wanted to know about traditional cultivation, learn about the life of peacocks and roe deers, organic plant and animal farming, traditional Greek gastronomy, recycling, and the circle of life. Sample fruits, vegetables, and cheeses, or just come for a Sunday walk around the area and enjoy a cup of coffee. Grab a basket and gather vegetables or go on rides with horses and ponies, go hiking in Geraneia Mountains where animals roam free or play board games available in the park. The park has a playground for young visitors.

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Dairy products, traditional bakery products, traditional pasta, dried fruit, almonds, eggs, meet, marmalades, fruits, vegetables
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