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The Trinity Farm



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Our mission was to drive the family farm into a new era. Our student years at the university, our city life at home and abroad and our growing experience, all paved the road from where it all started: at the environs of the village of Agia Triada, 40 km from Larissa, on a piece of land that has belonged to our family for three generations.
There we envisioned to fully embrace the principles of biodynamic agriculture, which meant that we had to turn the farmland into a living organism—an organism where all animals are fed using the farm’s products. The animals, in turn, would provide us with raw materials for nourishing the land. In this way, we would produce healthy and flavorful food approved by Demeter International, while at the same time we would take care of the environment.
Today our farm, The Trinity Farm, covers an area of about 40 hectares, where we cultivate organic and biodynamic cereal, legumes, and horticultural products. The cereal is ground in a stone mill, providing us with flour for particular types of pasta. At the same time, we maintain a small herd of sheep and some poultry.
The products, enjoyed by consumers and the gastronomical community, are listed as among the best products of Greece.
We make these products with the help of traditional and modern recipes, and share them with our visitors. We want to share our vision with our guests in our effort to raise awareness of forgotten flavors, while simultaneously caring for the environment.

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