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The Apolloniatisses

Aegean Islands


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Flavors and aromas from old days and times come from the workshop of the first, unique Agrototouristic Cooperative of the Dodecanese “The Apolloniatisses”. Here, a group of nine women from remote mountainous village of Rhodes have, for fifteen years, passionately kept alive the traditional flavors of their land by creating pastries, oatmeal, trahana, jams and spoon sweets as they were once prepared.
At the same time, the women of “Apolloniatisses” have helped stimulate the local economy by promoting local products, enabling them to be creative and financially independent without having to abandon their home village.
Pioneering, and the challenge of the unknown were what drove these nine dynamic women to join forces in June 2005 and set up the first Agrototouristic Association of Women of the Dodecanese.
The association has strengthened the local economy and promoted the region’s traditional products, by combining creativity, local tradition and Apollona’s rich cultural heritage. Especially in these days of economic crisis, support for local production is more important than ever.
Using their skills and knowledge, “Apolloniatisses” created a modern workshop, reviving traditional recipes inherited from their mothers and grandmothers and promoting the area’s exceptional quality products and of equal importance is that they’ve proved that opportunities exist where no one would have ever expected.


Visitors will have the opportunity to see the traditional process of making the island’s local products and to taste the traditional sweet of Rhodes, melekouni, as well as other traditional cookies and seasonal spoon sweets.

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Traditional pastries, melekouni, xerotigana, diples, takakia, amygdalota, ahladakia, koulouraki, anevates tiganites, paximadi, kritharokouloura, dakos, local traditional bread, bread sticks, trahana, oatmeal, jams, spoon sweet, honey, herbs
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