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Rouvalis Winery – Oenoforos



~ 1h 30m
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Up to 30 persons
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Rouvalis winery was established in 1994 with a monastery style on six different levels in the municipality of Selinus, on the national road between Athens and Patras, just 3 km from the Aegio interchange.
The winery is located within the vineyard of Aegialia, making possible a visit also to nearby sites of remarkable beauty and historical significance.
Characterized by monastic austerity and tranquility, it utilizes gravitational flow methods to avoid the wine being harmed by the use of pumps. Each level of the winery has its own distinct function: the reception and pressing of grapes at the top floor, the processing of the must, and the storage in an underground aging cellar with barrels and amphoras, together with the bottling facilities.
The visitor experience is enhanced by the fact that the distinct function of each level which makes the production sequence easy to visualize.
The winery offers a beautiful tasting room with a panoramic view and can easily be converted into a projection room.

The tour includes:
• Α presentation of the Aegialia vineyards
• Α tour of the gravitational-flow winery
• Α wine tasting session.

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