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Kollia Organic Farm



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Up to 10 persons
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Our farm of 1.5 hectares is the foundation of our business. The farm has a nursery and also cultivates goji berries and strawberries. This is a family business that pioneered goji berry cultivation in Greece. We use plants of several varieties, including one registered at the CPVO (Community Plant Variety Office) for plant breeder rights. Lastly, the family works on natural farming using several methods of plant nutrition such as compost tea, microorganisms, and so on.

Visitors can walk around the farm and see the cultivation of goji berries and strawberries, participate in harvesting the berries and, of course, taste some of them during harvest.
Visitors can also purchase quantities of fruit in fresh, dried, or frozen form, depending on the season, and plants from our nursery for their own gardens, along with our special products for nourishing the plants.


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Goji berry, strawberries, olive oil, nursery garden
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