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Muses Estate

Central Greece


~ 1h 30m
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Up to 50 persons
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The deep love for wine and the millennia-old winemaking tradition of his homeland led Nikolaos Zaharias to found a small winemaking facility in 1946 and thus fulfill his life-long dream. At that time, in a village of about 1,500 inhabitants, seven wineries were in operation.
His son, Athanasios Zaharias, was introduced to the family business in 1967 and gave a new impulse by implementing dynamic and forward-looking ideas. With his contribution, the small artisanal winery was gradually transformed into a modern winemaking unit. New vines were planted, a new wine press was purchased in 1973, and in 1987, during a thorough renovation, the first bottling line was added to the equipment.
When “Muses Estate” was established in 2005, it was time for Nikos, Stelios, and Panayiotis, the third generation, to take their place in the family business. Their skills, scientific knowledge, and youthful ideas combined with the family tradition and experience helped Muses Estate to take a further step into the 21st century.

Visitors of the winery are hosted in a special reception space to be introduced to the winery’s philosophy and enjoy tasting sessions.
The typical guided tour is conducted by professionals and lasts between 45 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the interest of the visitors.
The guided tour includes a short walk at the vineyard in the Muses Valley, a tour of the winery’s production premises, the wine cellar, a nicely decorated room with the first bottles of wine produced in the early years, and finally at the bottling facilities.
Eventually, a guided tour of the Zaharias distillery may be organized, which in 2017 was renamed “Lost Lake Distillery” situated outside Aliartos in the village of Petra on the main road to Arachova and Delphi, fifteen minutes’ drive from the winery.


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