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Mediterranean Microbrewery of Crete



~ 1h
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Up to 15 persons
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The “Mesogiaki Mikrozithiopoiia Kritis” (Mediterranean Microbrewery of Crete) is housed in a warm and welcoming space. Here we collect raw materials from all over Greece: barley malt, high-quality hops and yeast.
“Lyra” beer is produced with a special emphasis on hygiene and the respectful preservation of the traditional production process, while using modern production and bottling equipment and faithfully following all legal regulations.
A small brewery is convenient and focused more on the regional market. It is incredibly difficult for a small brand of beer to go beyond its regional market and expand because of the exceedingly high competition. To produce something original and of high quality requires investing in the effort with love, passion, grit, and advanced technology.
Beer from microbreweries appeals to people interested in trying something non-commercial and of high quality. Generally speaking, microbreweries produce products that are original and pure.

Upon arrival at our microbrewery, you will have the opportunity to witness how our selected Golden Ale is produced.
You will follow the brewing process and gain insight into the art and process of producing a distinctive and unfiltered quality beer.
We will analyze and explain the ways in which our brewing process differs from that used for other types of beer.
If you are lucky, you can even enjoy a brew directly from the tank for an unforgettable tasting experience!


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