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Mastic Snails

Aegean Islands


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The Mastic Snails farm was established in June 2013 and raises Helix Aspersa Maxima and Muller snail species, which are most adaptable to indoor breeding.
They are reared on a diet of corn, barley, soy, cereals, and calcium. By spring, the snails slowly wake up from their hibernation, and the fattening season begins. Between March and October, snails lay eggs up to five times, and by the end of August, harvesting by hand begins and lasts until October. Each litter consists of 80 to 120 eggs and in 15 days from being laid, the eggs become snails which then grow to full size in 3.5 to 4 months. The maximum productivity of the farm is 7.5 tons/year. The snails are then either consumed fresh or processed for both domestic and foreign markets. Global requirements for snails exceed the numbers reared or collected from nature, resulting in a constant demand.

Visitors will witness the production of snails, from their birth to their standardization in prepared foods.


• First place in the quality of the snail’s meat in one of the Thessaloniki’s International Exhibition competitions


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Snail fillet marinated in sunflower oil, skordalia, tomato sauce and pesto sauce, Snail fillet boiled and pre-boiled then frozen in a bag, Snail onion stew, Snail bourguignon, Risotto with dried pith, mushrooms and paprika, Snail sausages, Snail meatballs and pasta from snails
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