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The Kazakis House of Viticulture has been in operation since 1994 and remains being a traditional family business.
We aim to create traditional, high quality, safe organic foods for families in Greece and abroad. Our purpose is to remain innovative while reviving the traditional flavors that are the signature Greek cuisine.
Marianna’s Products are organic and ISO22000:2005-certified. The product line includes Marianna’s world-famous vine leaves, traditional dolmades and the whole range of vineyard products, such as petimezi, with the exception of wine.
In 2010 the family introduced the traditional, hand-made Marianna’s Pies. All products are for export.
The business is open to agro-tourists year round.

As soon as you arrive, we will guide you to our oldest vineyards, located right across from the meeting point. We will discuss the challenges of organic farming and explain our “zero-waste” policy.
Your visit will continue to our workshop, where you can see what it means to operate in an ISO-22000 environment for safe food. We will also showcase the production process for our vine leaves and world-famous dolmades.
Finally, you will enjoy a treat of our dolmades, hand-made tiropita, olives, and Marianna’s unique vine tops, a pickled product exclusively produced by us.
For the more adventurous, a personal course in dolma-rolling is available, where you can learn, in practice, the art of rolling your own dolmas.


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