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Lafkiotis Winery



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Up to 70 persons
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The Lafkiotis family began producing wines at the village Ancient Kleones, close to Nemea (within the PDO region of Nemea), in 1963. Today, with an experience of more than 60 years, the winery selects the best grapes from vineyards of the region to produce wines in its modern facilities, while ages some of them in French oak barrels in its air-conditioned wine cellar.
Lafkiotis’ wines are exported in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, USA, Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, Poland, Japan, Czech Republic, France, Cyprus, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, and the UK, and distributed in the best restaurants and liquor stores of Greece.

Visitors can enjoy a guided tour of the winery, be informed about the winemaking process and the viticultural practices.
They will also watch a video to get a full understanding of the history, and culture, of the wine in the region.
Finally, they will taste our wines in a pleasant, friendly, and comfortable environment.


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