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Ktimata Moschouta



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Up to 10 persons
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Moschouta Estate is located in northern Evia at the municipality of Istiaia Edipsos, where the sea embraces a verdant landscape. Our lands, with their fig-trees, aromatic herbs and olive trees are situated in a picturesque village at an altitude of 300 meters on Mt. Telethrio, while on the plain of Istiaia we have other such fields with the addition of plum trees, together with the packaging facilities.
We produce figs, olives, quince and plums of excellent quality, both for their flavor and their health benefits. It is with great care, hygiene, and safety measures that we process our products in our workshop and deliver them to the market in high-quality packaging. Most of our estate’s lands are easily accessible to visitors.


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Dried figs, fig syrup, pasteli, marmalades, dried plums, olive oil, olives
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