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Katsaros Distillery



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Katsaros Distillery is the oldest ouzo distillery with a long history behind, has managed to keep its recipe secret since 1856, despite many challenges. The Katsaros family produces their products with the experience of four generations behind them and the secrets of tradition well-kept and passed on from generation to generation.
Opening roads since the 1930s our spirits travel across the world. The medals and quality distinctions our products have earned at fairs around the world from 1889 to today have validated our efforts.

Visitors to our distillery, can tour the company’s modern premises, learn about the family’s history and how ouzo got its name, as revealed in a book published in 1935, and admire the medals earned over time. They can also witness the ouzo and tsipouro distillation process, in the new handmade copper stills as well as the bottling and storing of the final product, visit the cellar for the ageing of the distillates, the winemaking area, the wine fermentation tanks and become knowledgeable about the fermentation process.
Finally, enjoy a tasting session.


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