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Karamanos Organic Farms



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This is a family-run business that has been engaged in agricultural production since 1981. As of 1995, our production has been officially accredited as organic.
The company cultivates approximately 80 Ha of land producing organic fruits and vegetables with respect to the environment and the consumer. The farmlands are in the wider Nafplion region, at Iria of the Argolid prefecture, and at the Mount Mainalo of Arcadia prefecture.
The company is the first bio-cultivator in Greece to produce biological strawberries, while continuously working towards increasing its production to the level of the other products so that consumers can enjoy this fruit in spring. At the same time, the company aims at encouraging consumers to adopt healthy eating habits and to promote organic farming that takes us back to tradition, i.e. agriculture without the use of pesticides and chemical compounds.
We are open to the public, and especially to children who need to learn from an early age how to eat properly and healthily by including fruits and vegetables in their daily diet.


• Awarded for quality by Gastronomos magazine
• Received organic culture award from Gastronomos magazine

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Fruits, vegetables, pasta, sauces, jams, spoon sweets
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