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Helixpro – Open Snail Farming



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Up to 40 persons
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Helixpro is based in Petralona, Chalkidiki, and focuses on the free nurturing of snails all through their complete biological cycle. This particular snail farm is of an open type, where rearing takes place in an open space, which is the best-known method for snail farming. The entire development of the snails takes place within the farm with nourishment provided by cultivated plants, supplemented by the introduction of fresh plants. The company has been operating since 2015 on a hectare farm. The company produces and distributes the Helix Aspersa species freshly dried in special nets.

Visitors have the opportunity to learn about snail farming and the snails’ biological cycle, visit the snail drying chamber and tour the facilities.
A tasting session concludes the visit.


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Fresh dry snails Helix Aspersa packed in special nets
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