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The Mazou family started cultivating their vineyards in the acclaimed Nemea region in 1876.
The unique microclimate of our region, combined with our ever-growing experience in viticulture, has enabled our family business to flourish, with the aim of producing products of excellent quality that provide full satisfaction to those savoring them.
Today ‘Golden Black – Organic Grape Products’ is a successful family business that is active in the production of the world-renowned Corinthian raisin variety that speaks to those who value the exceptional.
Our production takes place under conditions of strict quality control, whose result is to highlight the exceptional nature of this historic product. Thus we have proceeded to produce organic Corinthian raisins from our vineyards using grapes that are dried naturally in the shade and bear the name that we think characterizes it: “Black Gold”.

Visitors are welcomed to the area where the shaded drying process takes place. We begin by demonstrating the process of attaching the grapes to the drying wires under the wooden structure that provides the shade.
Then, they will have a chance to try their hand at the task! As they handle this emblematic product, its days of historic glory and decline will be discussed. We will also point out the product’s significant nutritional value.
A tasting of our products will conclude the visit and visitors, before leaving, have the opportunity to make their purchases directly from the retail shop.


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Organic currants (dried in the shade), organic petimezi
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