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Foundi Estate



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Four kilometres from the city of Naoussa, in the lush green settlement of Nea Strantza, lies the winery of the Foundis Estate.
This modern family unit has been active in the wine sector since 1992. Foundi Estate is a member of the Wine Routes of Northern Greece Association and is open for visits to any wine-lover wishing to experience the charming world of Xinomavro variety, and to be initiated in the art of wine production.
Foundi winery focuses on the production of quality wines through its carefully tended vineyards, using modern technology and having a very good experience and knowledge of the winemaking process. Xinomavro variety in this PDO region receives great care to help it express its typical local character and at the same time, the winery cooperates with other local producers whose vineyards are constantly monitored by the winery in their production of high-quality grapes.
The winery produces seven different types of wines; three red, three white and one rosé, all inside the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) regions, while ninety per cent of them are produced using the Xinomavro variety, and the rest from Merlot and Malvasia Aromatica varieties.

Taking a brief tour of the winery’s premises, visitors will see the winemaking premises as well as the wine cellar at the basement, where the wines age in French oak barrels under special conditions of humidity and temperature, and will be informed about the winemaking process.
Next, visitors will be guided to the bottling premises and to a second cellar providing the conditions necessary for the bottled wine to reach its full maturity. At this stage, a limited number of bottles are aged for ten years.
Finally, visitors can taste our wines and make their purchases from the retail store.


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