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Escargot de Crete Cosmetics is the first vertical company of snail and snail by-product production in Greece, and owns dozens of innovations that render it unique in the world.
The company is active in the production, processing, standardization and trading of snails using innovative methods of culture in olive groves of organic farming in direct contact with the air, the rain, the sun, and the soils but also with the olive trees and the natural flora. It is from there where the snails develop their unique characteristics, whilst leaving a minimal environmental footprint, and where irrigation is shared both in snail awakening and tree watering.
To date, Escargot de Crete uses half a hectare of snail breeding space, a snail breeding research unit, and since August 2012 modern processing and standardization facilities to create snail products while focusing on the threefold principles of innovation, quality and health in making its cosmetic products.
Escargot de Crete’s finest quality snail excretion is processed to create a commercial product certified for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use. The processing itself is a company innovation using natural methods.

Our guests have the opportunity to become acquainted with this magnificent animal and see up close the methods and conditions of their breeding. Visitors can witness the growth of snails at different stages (newborn, 2-3 months, 6 months, and so on). They can also learn about our products, both gastronomic and cosmetic, and try them out.
After a tour of the farm, a meal based on our snail production prepared by professional chefs can be savoured, enabling visitors to experience numerous traditional Cretan snail recipes in conjunction with local Cretan products like olive oil, and various Cretan herbs, cheeses, and wines.

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