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Known to all in Greece over the past decade, Epsa soft drinks have a history of 50 years. This history as exhibited in the Museum which is hosted within the modern production facilities in Agria of Volos, as well as the facilities themselves, are open to the public.
For the visitor of the Pelion region, and not only, a stop at Agria will be an interesting experience, not just because of the picturesque aspects of the town and its small tavernas: an industrial miracle took place there 60 years ago, laying the foundations of one of the most important Greek plants producing soft drinks and fruit juices.
The Museum of Epsa was created in 1987 at the same place, following the increasing interest of consumers to visit Epsa’s factory and be informed about the products and the history of the company.

At the Museum, you can:
• Watch the modern production processes
• Be informed of Epsa’s history: during the tour, you will learn about the initial activities of Epsa, which was the production and storage of ice, the company’s former name being ‘Agria Refrigeration Company’, the Greek acronym of which is Epsa. The visitor will learn the history of the glass bottle and its evolutionary stages until it reached today’s classical form
• You will see the old machinery used in the past for the production of soft drinks, machinery whose sight is impressive as we would never have imagined that these old ‘tools’ (as we would call them today) made our famous soft drinks in times past!
• You will have the chance to get acquainted with all of Epsa’s products, as not all of them are available at all points of sale
• You will see the five precious awards presented to Epsa, as well as works of art created by both eponymous and anonymous artists inspired by the company’s products
• Be impressed by a huge collection of glass bottles from old brands from the whole of Greece which unfortunately exist no more!
• Become acquainted with the printed advertisements and publications of Epsa from 1950 till today, as well as follow the evolution of the company’s packaging designs over time
• Finally, it is worth mentioning that around 2,500 school-pupils visit Epsa every year, whilst numerous are also the passers-by who stop over to become better acquainted with their favourite soft drinks.


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