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Eirini Plomariou

Aegean Islands


~ 2h

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Up to 26 persons
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Guided Tour

Up to 20 persons

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Up to 20 persons
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Nikos, Myrta, and their children have been the soul of the family farm since 1996 and they are devoted to the organic cultivation of olive trees producing “Eirini Plomariou”, an award-winning organic olive oil, which they proudly use in their agrotourism unit plant in Plomari, and which has won fervent admirers throughout the world for its aroma and quality.
Harvesting starts in early November. Olives, not yet quite ripe, are picked directly from the branch, since we do not allow them to fall to the ground. We want our olives to reach the olive press fresh, juicy and not quite “ripened”, on the very same day they were picked. Any olives that fall to the ground belong to the birds and animals living in our farm.

If you wish to visit the mountainous hinterland of Mitilini, we would be happy to guide you through the Eirini Olive groves following river where, over unique paths and cobbled streets, you will discover traditional agricultural practices in the organic cultivation of the olive tree.


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Organic virgin olive oil
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