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Truffles were known by the ancient Greeks under the name of “Idnon” and were believed to be the result of the lightning bolts cast by Zeus.
Our love for the history and the natural environment of our country led us in 2008 to engage in spreading truffle farming throughout Greece.
At Mount Pieria and at an altitude of 700 meters and just 25 kilometers from the city of Veria lies the village of Polidendri, known until 1926 by the name Kokova. The village is located a few kilometers from Ritini, a region of Greece producing important quantities of the tuber melanosporum truffle. We chose this place after reaching a favorable assessment based on numerous parameters, including the altitude of the land, the pH of the soil, the physical orientation, and regional vegetation. That assessment led us to the truffle tuber melanosporum, since conditions were most suitable for cultivating this fungus variety.
Today, we are proud to be able to offer a wide range of products to the Greek and international markets, the quality of our products having been recognized by distinguished chefs, members of the Grand Chefs’ Club of Greece.

Visitors to the company’s facilities will see the workshop and learn about the art of creating truffle products.


• Bronze Award for slices of black truffle at Olymp Awards 


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